Black Capuchin

The Black Capuchin, Cebus nigritus, also known as the Black-horned Capuchin, is a capuchin monkey from the Atlantic Forest in south-eastern Brazil and far north-eastern Argentina. It has traditionally been included as a subspecies of the Tufted Capuchin.


The Black Capuchin has three subspecies: Cebus n. nigritus (nominate) and C. n. cucullatus are found in the southern part (the former eastwards, and the latter westwards) of this species' range, and both have a distinctive pair of tufts on the crown, as also suggested by the alternative common name of this species; Black-horned Capuchin. The last subspecies, the Robust Tufted Capuchin (C. n. robustus) is found in the northern part of this species range, and has a median conical crest on the crown.


The Black Capuchin's population number is unknown, but thought to be declining. This is due mostly to habitat loss, hunting, and the pet trade.



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