Tibetan Macaque

The Tibetan Macaque, also known as the Chinese Stump-tailed Macaque or Milne-Edwards' Macaque, is found from eastern Tibet east to Guangdong and north to Shaanxi in China and has recently been reported from north-eastern India. This species lives in subtropical forests (mixed deciduous to evergreen) at altitude that range from 800 to 2500 meters. The Tibetan Macaque has a long dense brown fur with whiskers but a hairless face.

The infants have silver and black fur that changes to its adult color at the age of two. Its diet consists mostly of fruit, but it will also consume seeds, leaves, berries and flowers as well as invertebrates. It is a gregarious animal and lives in multi-male and multi-female groups. The life span of the Tibetan Macaque is over 20 years.


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